Sunday, April 29, 2007

Leprechaun Trap Projects

Here are some GRRREAT leprechaun traps completed by Kindergarten students in our classroom (sorry I'm not able to post them all!) Families did a wonderful job coming up with interesting ideas, and students were fantastic at presenting their projects to our class. Our principal, Mr. Abell even popped in to watch a few demonstrations! Top photo: That lucky leprechaun is going to find a bed inside this trap! Next photo: All that gold and shiny trappings will be sure to attract a leprechaun! That pot even has "gold" rocks (she spray painted them gold!) Third photo: This ingenious trap was created out of a wooden birdhouse! The little flowerpot in the door is to trap the leprechaun inside. Without a ladder, he won't be able to climb up from the inside and push the pot out. Bottom photo: This trap has all the things that attract leprechauns: Lucky Charms cereal, path sprinkled with gold glitter, a rainbow, gold rocks, and a trap door for the leprechaun to fall into as he reaches the pot of gold candy.

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