Friday, April 20, 2007

Kindergarten News

Welcome! This week our class has been learning a LOT about insects! We have read many books and watched a couple of videos about insects. We learned so much information about them that all students who finished an Open Response Question on insects scored a 4! This is GREAT, especially since this is Kindergarten!

(Above is Megan's bee and writing piece that she made after we read in our Guided Reading groups. Students in that group made a bee just like the kid in our book did, then they wrote a "How-To" piece for their portfolios on how to create a bee. Below is what Megan's says in case it's difficult to see it all in the picture above.)

1.Put eyes

2. Put stripes

3. Glue the paper like this

4. Glue the wings

5. Put the little antennae

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Ellis Nadler said...

Love that bee drawing