Friday, June 15, 2007

Teacher Stationary

Welcome Kindergarten students! :)

Friday, June 1, 2007


Maui last summer! We're going back in December...just Terry and me, no kiddoes!
School's out for summer! I'm SO excited! I will miss all my students, though :( and I look forward to seeing them in the building as big 1st graders next year!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Leprechaun Trap Projects

Here are some GRRREAT leprechaun traps completed by Kindergarten students in our classroom (sorry I'm not able to post them all!) Families did a wonderful job coming up with interesting ideas, and students were fantastic at presenting their projects to our class. Our principal, Mr. Abell even popped in to watch a few demonstrations! Top photo: That lucky leprechaun is going to find a bed inside this trap! Next photo: All that gold and shiny trappings will be sure to attract a leprechaun! That pot even has "gold" rocks (she spray painted them gold!) Third photo: This ingenious trap was created out of a wooden birdhouse! The little flowerpot in the door is to trap the leprechaun inside. Without a ladder, he won't be able to climb up from the inside and push the pot out. Bottom photo: This trap has all the things that attract leprechauns: Lucky Charms cereal, path sprinkled with gold glitter, a rainbow, gold rocks, and a trap door for the leprechaun to fall into as he reaches the pot of gold candy.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another week...Only 15 days left!

Hello! We have worked really hard this week learning about ocean animals. We discovered that sharks do not have ANY bones! They are made up of cartilage like what is in our noses. We've had to be very quiet in the halls this week, even more than usual because the older students are all working on CATS assessments and CTBS tests. Tell your Kindergartner how proud you are because they all were so very quiet, much quieter than some older students! Also, we are having SPRING FLING on May 11th. We will be sending more info. about that this week!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Kindergarten News

Welcome! This week our class has been learning a LOT about insects! We have read many books and watched a couple of videos about insects. We learned so much information about them that all students who finished an Open Response Question on insects scored a 4! This is GREAT, especially since this is Kindergarten!

(Above is Megan's bee and writing piece that she made after we read in our Guided Reading groups. Students in that group made a bee just like the kid in our book did, then they wrote a "How-To" piece for their portfolios on how to create a bee. Below is what Megan's says in case it's difficult to see it all in the picture above.)

1.Put eyes

2. Put stripes

3. Glue the paper like this

4. Glue the wings

5. Put the little antennae