Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update on Classroom

Here are some pictures from classroom events and lessons we have had. We thought you might enjoy! 

In back: Mackenzie, peeping on top is Marcus, blurry Madison, Justin K.
On bottom: Lily and Justin M. all showing off their turkey hats from our program.

 Rudolph goody bag
 Magic Reindeer Food
Justin K. shows us his Magic Reindeer Food!

Meet the GERM Lady! She did a WONDERFUL presentation on washing your hands. She showed the kids how to properly wash hands and had a great jingle to go along with it. Afterward, she had the students put green lotion on their hands to represent germs and then wash their hands. They looked under a special light for any remains of "germs". It was a wonderful activity and the kids all enjoyed it. She shared her bag of germs with us...one was E-Coli; one was Strep; one was the regular flu; one was the Swine Flu; and sore throat! Kids colored on a hand they traced where they saw the green "germs" under the light and added details of the stuffed animal germs.

Meet the GERMS! common cold, regular flu, sore throat (strep), swine flu, and (creepy looking) e-coli!

Taylor, Tanner H., and Wyatt try to figure out how to make a triangle shape with their bodies. Justin K. tries to give suggestions.
Yay! They figured it out!
Dakota and Paul worked hard to make a circle.
Lily, Ethan, Alan, and I believe a hidden AJ make a square.
It took a while for students to figure out that to make a rectangle, there needed to be an extra person on two sides, but they got it!
Another view of the rectangle.
We also worked in small groups with yarn to make shapes. We TRIED to make a circle, but with no corners on a circle, it was impossible to do!
Making a square
Making a triangle
Making a rectangle

100s DAY!

Zachary and Lily work on graphing their 100 items.
Hallie, Tanner A., and Madison work on graphing 100 items and stringing their necklaces.
Paul, Dylan, Taylor, and Tanner H. work on stringing 100 cereal pieces.
Alan smiles as he makes his necklace.
Justin K. and Dylan help one another count craft sticks into groups of 10. They then ended up counting the piles by 10s until they reached 100.
Ethan strings his necklace.
Justin M. counts to 100 as he puts his items onto the graph. He decided to glue his cereal pieces onto the graph at the end of the activity instead of eating them!
Taylor puts her 100 pieces of gum onto her graph. Tanner H. is putting his items on his graph. (Look at their cool 100s Day hats!
Dakota and Jaydin put their 100 items onto the graph.
Tanner A. works hard to make sure he brought in 100 cereal pieces.
Lucky Madison was chosen to add the 100th straw during calendar and got to do some regrouping!
Justin K., Marcus, and Jaydin are working hard!

Mrs. Kingsolver watches as Ella strings her 100 cereal pieces.
Paul strings his necklace.
Wyatt strings his necklace and MacKenzie is already finished!


Justin K. had a Valentine's Day birthday, so for our party, his mom brought the Valentine cupcakes! They were ADORABLE!

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