Friday, January 28, 2011

Toast With Zombie Butter

I posted this on my other blog, yellowkittynotebook (my art blog) for my fellow artists out there interested in a moment of Kindergarten life :)
Here is a reading and writing activity I did with one of my Guided Reading Groups a while back. After reading our book, we chose a sentence from the book (or I randomly gave them one.) The sentences' words were cut apart. They had to put the sentence back in order and glue them down. I did my sentence first to demonstrate. Then they copied the words down as I did and illustrated. I was being in a silly mood that day so I decided to make mine have zombie butter chasing the toast (since the sentence was about bread.) :) Just thought I'd share a moment of Kindergarten teaching! (What was so cute about this is that one of my "budding artists" decided to do her own version with her sentence and made an anthropomorphic character too, feet, hands, was so cute! I'd meant to upload her work; :( I must have sent it home with her because she was so proud of it!)

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